Pineapple Cucumber Mint Juice and Thoughts on a Run

Pineapple Cucumber Mint Juice

Running seems to bring out the best and most memorable conversations.  They are full of motivation, encouragement, building friendship, lots of good laughs, and even a few tears.  I’m lucky to be in great company and surrounded by friends almost every mile I run.  Some days we don’t have a lot to say, and other days we never stop.  Last night was one of those runs where the conversation never […]

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Grapefruit Blackberry Ginger Juice


My morning routine hasn’t been exactly routine the last couple of months but I’m slowly getting back into the norm for me.  When I’m in my routine I will wake up between 5 – 530 am, have a glass of water with lemon, and a cup of coffee, of course.  :)   Then I jump on the treadmill for a couple miles followed by a short weight workout.  Not too […]

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Watermelon Lemonade


Today is the last day of school for many kids in the Atlanta area, so let’s start summer off with watermelon lemonade!  Since it has been warming up here I’ve been using my juicer more to make lots of yummy juices for us to enjoy in the morning or late afternoon.   This will also freeze well for popsicles or in ice cube trays to sweeten water. Many researchers and […]

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Blending and Juicing

I share a lot of recipes for smoothies and juices, so I want to take the time to tell you how I got hooked, and give you some tips for both.  Five years ago, I was like most people at the store.  I bought what I thought was healthy, but most of it was boxed, canned, bagged, or frozen.  I worked in the finance field, had a husband who traveled, […]

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Vegetable Juice

v-8 juice1

Yesterday, after getting frustrated working on the computer, I shut it down and decided to make a juice.  I had full intentions of making a juice with oranges and grapefruit but I realized I had tons of vegetables on hand that needed to be used.  After two years of making homemade juice, I finally have a vegetable juice I want to make again.  Often I find myself drinking them just so […]

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Strawberry Kiss

Strawberry Kiss

Juice making is big in our house and we all love to play with combinations to come up with delicious blends.  So my daughter Katelyn and I started with the base of a citrus juice we had made for my other daughter, Julia when she was feeling a little under the weather.  Strawberries are coming in fresh from Florida right now and they are big and beautiful and I just happened to have […]

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Blueberry Cucumber Juice

blueberry cucumber juice via green plate rule

Someone could write a novel on the nutritional benefits of blueberries alone!  These small, sweet, blueish color berries contain more antioxidants than any other fruit.  Some of the health benefits we gain from antioxidants include increased energy, boosting immunity, slowing the aging process, and fending off serious diseases like cancer and coronary heart disease.  Blueberries are high in fiber, vitamins C and K, manganese, and only about 70 calories per cup.  Many […]

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