5 Ways to Eat Green

2012 Dirty Dozen and Clean 15

Eating green is the heart and soul of this blog.  Instead of focusing so much on the Clean Plate Rule, as so many of us knew growing up, I believe we need to focus on the Green Plate Rule – making healthy food choices that are beneficial for our bodies and the environment.  I do my best to point out the best manufacturers and the cleanest products, not just bash […]

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5 Ways to Make Your Food Storage Green


Graphic courtesy of ESP.   Green Week continues with food storage.  Just last week I made the switch from plastic storage to all glass storage.  I still have a few packs of BPA-free plastic containers for when I am sending someone home with leftovers, and do not want to worry about getting the glass back, and also some plastic bags, although I’m much more aware of how often I use them, and will reuse them if possible.  Other than that, there is only glass and stainless steel for food storage in my kitchen. Making your food storage green is about reducing both the chemicals, and waste.  Here are five ways to make your food storage green. Get rid of BPA.  It was after reading several articles on plastics, and BPA’s I finally decided to make changes.  These statistics in a NY Times article stuck with me:  “A study of over 2,000 people found that more than 90 percent of them had BPA in their urine.”  The chemicals in plastics leak out easily and in amounts high enough to be detected in our urine? Yikes! What is BPA exactly?  BPA is a chemical compound that mimics estrogen.  No surprise some of the dangers associated with […]

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5 Ways to Make Your Child’s Lunch Green

5 Ways to Make Lunches Green via Green Plate Rule

This year I am determined to make school lunches green.  In the past, I’ve relied heavily on BPA-free plastic storage and bags, but I knew there were better options out there. While shopping around for new lunch gear, my four year old saw a princess lunchbox she thought would be the perfect choice.  I explained there could be chemicals in the plastic that could hurt her so we should try to find a safer option. She looked at me confused, as I totally expected, and said, “why would they put something in there if it could hurt me?” When those words came out of her mouth, I was totally speechless.  It was a simple statement, but coming from my daughter’s mouth, it made an enormous impact.  I think we should make a video with all of our children asking manufactures that same question.  Wonder what their response would be? I am very thankful for two friends, Essential Safe Products and Safemama, who are helping me make changes to get […]

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