The Kissing Hand

The Kissing Hand book and activities for back to school

Anyone who knows me well, knows they are likely to find me and my sidekicks in the children’s section at our local bookstore several afternoons a week.  We will cozy up in the corner of the children’s section to read, show up for story time, play at the train set, and play hide-n-seek and peek-a-boo between the shelves for hours and hours.  Last week while at the store we picked […]

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Mardi Gras Mask Craft

1 Mardi gras mask

Mardi Gras masks are fun to wear and fun to make, all you need is a little imagination! My 10 year old daughter Katelyn and I had a great time finding supplies that we had at home as well as coming up with creative ideas to decorate the masks. You don’t have to rush out and buy supplies, just look around at what you might already have on hand. You […]

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Valentine’s Day Crafts

straw painting tree - up close

Class Valentine Idea and “LOVE” scrapbook page  Instead of bringing candy for a Valentine (because believe me, they will get enough!), bring these cute covered glue sticks with a tag reading “I’m stuck on you”.  Glue sticks are easy to use, no mess involved – well, at least very little mess :), and there are endless ideas for crafting uses for all age groups.  Chef Amy made these for my […]

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Valentine’s BINGO

vday bingo

Valentine’s Day might mean chocolate and candy to some but here we are finding ways to get more fruits and vegetables into the kids.  So let’s try playing BINGO at mealtime!  You get to fill in the spaces with fruits, vegetables, household chores, or whatever you think your kids need a little extra incentive to do.  I have listed some ideas below.  As kids complete a space they can mark […]

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Hostess Gifts


‘Tis the season for holiday parties!  I love parties this time of year because it’s always a great excuse to wear something sparkly!  I’m normally a jeans and tee kind-of-girl but it’s always fun to step out of my normal casual style for the holidays.  Most guest show up with a hostess gift, and probably 90% of the time it’s wine.  Of course, there is nothing wrong with wine but […]

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