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5 Ways to Boost the Power of Your Smoothies

5 Ways to Boost the Power of Your Smoothie

Smoothies earned their own day on my blog because of all the different flavor combinations, and the nutrition you can sneak into them without your children, or yourself, ever knowing!  We started making green smoothies on a regular basis four years ago, and it dramatically increased the amount of nutrition we get each day.  While I add greens, typically kale or spinach, to my smoothies, there are many other ways […]

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Maple Cinnamon Chia Pudding

Maple Cinnamon Chia Pudding

The most perfect weather of the year has arrived.  It is cool enough in the mornings that I want to wrap both hands around a cup of coffee for some extra warmth, but by midday it has warmed up, and the sun is shining bright.  I love it, and it shows in the miles I logged last week between running and cycling.  The girls have been busy playing outside on […]

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Peach Cardamom Overnight Oats

Peach Cardamom Overnight Oats from Green Plate Rule

I cannot get enough peaches right now.  Every night since coming home from vacation we’ve sat on the patio eating the ripest, juiciest peaches before the girl’s go to bed.  They are so juicy that peach juice runs down your arm and drips off your elbow with every bite.  Nice and messy, and the perfect ending on a hot summer day.  They have been so good I’ve made three trips […]

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Banana Cream Chia Pudding


In the South, Banana Pudding is a tradition and everyone has their favorite recipe but often they are filled with artificial colors and flavors.  Very little about it is real except the bananas.  This week I saw that Chick Fil A is offering their Banana Cream Pie milkshake for a limited time but with 24 grams of fat – 12 being saturated fat, 780 calories and 104 grams of sugar […]

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Blueberry Overnight Oats

blueberry overnight oats via green plate rule

Overnight oats are one of my favorite things for breakfast.  It’s filling, nutritious, and only takes me a couple minutes to put together the night before.  Another one of my favorite things, I can make it in the bowl or cup I’ll be using to eat.  No need for pots, stovetops, or microwaves.  I just add everything together, stir, and let it sit overnight.  The oats and chia seeds do […]

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Frozen Peanut Butter Banana Bites

peanut butter banana bites

Sometimes all it takes is your four favorite most used ingredients, and a new way to serve it, and you have a instant household favorite!  That is exactly how I came up with these Peanut Butter Banana Bites.  I was slicing bananas for oatmeal when I had the idea to add peanut butter on top.  It seemed like the perfect place to sneak in some chia seeds, and a little […]

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Apple Cinnamon Chia Pudding

apple spice chia pudding via green plate rule

Spring is almost here, and so are all my spring races.  I somehow managed to sign up for six races (four of them being half-marathons) in March and April.  It’s going to be a busy couple of months but I love running so I’m certainly not complaining!  I really enjoy chia seeds before a long run.  I’m not much of an eater before I run so chia seeds are perfect since […]

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