Here is a list of some of my staple pantry items, and a few chilled items, I use in recipes often.  It is important to keep a well stocked pantry and refrigerator to eat healthy, clean meals.  I’ve also created a store on Amazon that list all my favorite school lunch gear, some of my favorite kitchen tools, and specialty food products.


AMAZING GRASS AMAZING MEAL PROTEIN POWDER – this protein powder is raw, gluten-free, soy-free, vegan, and is the best I’ve ever tasted!  My favorite is chocolate.

BAKING POWDER – always make sure to check for aluminum-free when buying baking soda.

BARLEAN’S OMEGA SWIRL – the perfect way to add flavor and nutrition to smoothies!  You and your kids will never know you’re actually eating omega-3 dense fish oils.  They do offer a vegan line as well.  This stuff is amazing!

BEANS – I always have a good variety of dried and canned beans on hand.  They are perfect for last minute meals, to add to soups, or to a salad.  When buying cans, look for BPA Free lining like those from Eden Organics.

CHIA SEEDS – you can usually find chia seeds in the bulk section at health food store, like Whole Foods.  But if you can’t check online at,, or  They all carry this super seed!  I use chia seeds to make chia pudding, overnight oats, sneak them in smoothies, granola, and in muffins.  I prefer chia seeds over flax seeds because they have little to no taste.

CHOCOLATE CHIPS – Enjoy Life Foods makes a wonderful allergen-free chocolate chip.  They are great for baking or for a quick fix for your sweet tooth.

COCONUT (shredded) – please read the ingredients label on your coconut, most have additives and preservatives.  Bobs Red Mill carries good shredded coconut and so does Let’s do Organic.

COCONUT BUTTER – I love using coconut butter when I’m baking.  It adds such a great flavor, and adds a slight sweetness.  Using coconut oil and butter has many health benefits.

COCONUT OIL – Just like coconut butter, I use coconut oil for it’s flavor and it’s nutritional benefits.

DATES – I love to use medjool dates to sweeten smoothies and batters when I’m baking.  You can also find date sugar in some health food stores to use as a refined sugar alternative.

FLOUR – I love to keep a good variety on hand to play around with.  Some of my favorites are almond, coconut, spelt, and quinoa.  All can be bought online or in stores.  Check out Bobs Red Mill for a great selection.

QUINOA – This is a simple replacement for rice in most cases.  It adds more fiber, protein, and essential amino acids than rice.  Quinoa is so versatile.  We use it in Creamy PB&J Quinoa for breakfast, salads, or as a side dish.

REAL SALT – Most salts are stripped of their minerals.  Real Salt has 60+ trace minerals and no additives.

ROLLED OATS / QUICK COOKING OATS – I use oats almost everyday.  We use Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free oats and I always keep both rolled and quick cooking in the pantry.  I will signify which to use in each recipe.

STEVIA EXTRACT (liquid) – This is super sweet, so you only need a drop or two to sweeten a cup of coffee or tea.  You could even add a drop or two to a smoothie, or use when baking.  Just remember, a little bit goes a long way!

TORTILLAS – We keep a good supply of gluten-free tortillas in the freezer to help with last minute meals.

VANILLA EXTRACT – It’s so important to buy good extracts for both taste and quality.  Make sure you are not buying imitation vanilla.

XYLITOL – I just bought this for the first time recently and I really love it.  As far as alternative sweeteners go, this one has the best taste and no after taste like many others.  It has some health benefits, like aids in digestion and teeth health, but like any sweetener, I would recommend limiting your intake.


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